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KH Hasyim Muzadi Thought’s on ISIS through the concept of Al-Wasatiyyah

Imam Khomaeni Hayatullah
(Sociology Departement Universitas Indonesia- Indonesia)
Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri 
(Sociology Departement Universitas Indonesia- Indonesia)
Muhammad Yusron Shidqi
(Post Graduated Departement, Institute of Quran Studies, Indonesia)




ISIS, which claimed to be the Caliphate, finally lost. Less than three years, the impact ISIS has incised the terror inflicted on the world community. Although the final destruction of ISIS is at hand, what needs to be done is the prevention of Islamic radicalism based on ISIS. KH Hasyim Muzadi explains the trigger factors of people joining ISIS, ideology, human existence, economy. And to anticipate and solve the radical ISIS ideology by using Al-Wasathiyya or Islamic moderation. Thus, no Islamic radicalization groups are born with the same ideology but only changed groups or different names.


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