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Machiavellising The Transcendental: Employing The Transcendental Into Pursuing Of Political Objectives Based On Principles Of Realism, As Ideological Drivers Of Current Violent Extremism And Terrorism Having Reference To Religion

Avdi Smajljaj
Department of Political Science, IIUM, Kuala Lumpur

The contemporary acts of violent extremist religious groups can be qualified as many other things except religious ones. As the world was shocked by such acts, questions arose, to what extent those groups and their terrorism is religious. In order to put light into this issue, the paper claims that the transcendental on which they refer to has been compromised by employing realist principles, belittling the transcendental principles, in favour of the realist one. The paper explores this relationship and the way it has been developed, by comparing and relating the objectives of realism with the objectives of the violent extreme religious groups. In addition, particular attention is paid to the concept of the natural religion that has mediated the merge between transcendental and realist principles, corrupting the very concept of transcendental, and sustaining the value of libido dominand among those groups.


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