Terrorism and violent extremism are major threats to our security, public safety and well-being. To curb the problem, it is important that a holistic approach to Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) is designed and implemented. Successful CVE should take into consideration active participation of multiple stakeholders including policymakers, media practitioners, researchers and the general public.

Even though the stakeholders in general are aware of the threats of violent extremism, their understanding of the problem remains limited. Hence, it was proposed that a web-portal, specifically focusing on CVE to be created, for the purposes of information, education, engagement and training. The web-portal aims to function as a ‘fact-tank’ or repository to provide important and relevant information pertaining to CVE for the stakeholders at the national level specifically and also those beyond.

This portal is where people can seek the right CVE related information at the right time. This portal is non-partisan, represents diversity across the collective academic, research and practitioner discourses in the CVE sector. It is dedicated to provide information, resources, training and guidelines to help stakeholders analyze and better understand terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the efforts, activities and methods that are aimed at preventing and countering violent extremism manifestations.

In the Malaysian context, launching is timely in relation to the launching of the NAP-PCVE 2022-2025 (National Action Plan – Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism) soon. With the CVE environment further established in Malaysia this year, it is our hope and endeavor that the portal will be able to play a supportive and constructive role in the following years.

The Symbol

This emblem represents the symbol of an eye + a human. The icon denotes that we are watching over humanity/people/society. The colour red is used to indicate energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion and desire. The colour black is used to indicate power, elegance, formality, negative connotation, and mystery. The font is used to indicate strong, progressive, religious values, humanism and modern characteristics.


  1. The creation of a national PCVE, CT and Peace web portal i.e. to sustain networking, collaboration, training, sharing of knowledge and dissemination of information to stakeholders in the sector from academia, journalists, practitioners and policymakers.
  2. To bring attention and provide input to contemporary issues and Malaysia’s involvement in peacebuilding dialogue, mediation and advocacy.
  3. To contribute to a new discourse on Malaysian nation-building and global citizenship, her sustainability and resilience in the post-COVID19 future.
  4. Sharing of knowledge and practices of new localised tools and approaches to PCVE, CT and Peace Studies.


  1. To provide relevant and up-to-date content on PCVE, CT and Peace Studies to be used for various stakeholder engagement, media and publication, public advocacy, training and education.
  2. To empower targeted vulnerable communities such as the youth to address the threat of VE (Violent Extremism) at all levels

Portal Organization

The Editorial Board

Chief Editor
Dr. Danial Mohd Yusof (ISTAC-IIUM)

  1. Associate Editor I
    Dato' Chamil (MPI)

  2. Associate Editor II
    Dr. Nurzali (USM)

    1. Content Editor
      Daniel (SEARCCT)

      1. Copy Editor
        Anis Izzati Ismail (ISTAC)

      2. Commissioning Editor
        Raja M.K. Akhtar (ISTAC)

      3. Web Developer
        Fakhry Ilham

      4. Content Contributors
        Sheril (FatBidin)

  3. Associate Editor III
    Zan Azlee (FatBidin)