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Deradicalization of Terrorist Prisoners through Individual Treatment

Yuliyanto and Donny Michael

Law and Human Rights Research and Development Agency
Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 4-5 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Tel.: 021-2525015/0812 1065 634; Fax: 021-2526438
e-mail ([email protected])




The rise of radicalism carried out by terrorists both individuals and groups, if no serious treatment is taken, the negative impact will be more widespread. This study aims to determine and analyze the application of individual treatment toward terrorist inmates. This study uses an empirical juridical approach. Primary data in this study were obtained through in-depth interviews with a number of stakeholders. Meanwhile, secondary data is obtained through regulations related to fostering terrorist prisoners. This study found that the deradicalization of terrorist prisoners through individual treatment is carried out by fostering personalities that include fostering religious awareness, national and state awareness, legal awareness, and counselling. The training is carried out individually in the prison room/cell. Meanwhile, the sorting of prisoners is based on an assessment of the level of risk posed. This research limits the scope of studies on terrorist prisoner training programs through individual treatment. Through this research, the author wants to provide contributions to the Government of Indonesia c.q Ministry of Law and Human Rights to further improve the quality of fostering terrorist inmates; and building cooperation with related institutions so that they work together in order to deal with terrorist prisoners in Indonesia.


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